Spotlight: Creativity

Jumat, 09/04/2021 WIB | 252

Without a doubt, 2020 has seen the largest ever impact on education globally. The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced educators everywhere to adopt and adapt new ways of teaching and learning at a speed like never before. Sadly, we know COVID-19 has also resurfaced and exacerbated existing inequities that will have consequences we are only just beginning to fathom. Fostering creativity, in particular, with the playful freedom devoid of restrictions like social distancing, strict hand-washing routines, and face coverings may seem like a nostalgic luxury for many right now. On the other hand, there have been many silver linings, like teachers and students forming stronger relationships with parents around learning. Meanwhile, as The LEGO Foundation’s recent Creating Systems report highlighted 1, we are beginning to see some early adopters of creativity education at a systems level, enabling innovative practices and solutions to develop and thrive much more in Australia, Japan, Scotland, Thailand, and Wales.

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