Quality Teaching Rounds and School Excellence

Minggu, 06/06/2021 WIB | 82

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is a rigorously tested approach to professional development for teachers, regardless of their role, career stage, or subject area, with demonstrated positive effects on student outcomes, the quality of teaching, teacher morale and school culture. QTR utilises the Quality Teaching Model (QTM) as the foundation for building a shared understanding of pedagogy that has a measurable impact on teachers and students.

QTR is strongly endorsed by the NSW Department of Education and is included in the What Works Best 2020 Update as an exemplar of high-quality collaborative professional development. The QTR approach has been identified by Deloitte Access Economics as a very low-cost intervention that has a positive impact on student outcomes.

For schools wanting to engage with QTR and the QTM as means to school improvement, this document provides: (1) Mapping to the School Excellence Framework; (2) Templates for incorporating QTR into the strategic direction section of your school plan; and (3) Tools for evaluating and reporting on the impact of QTR in your school.

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