Moving Learning Outdoors

Selasa, 13/04/2021 WIB | 399

Why move outdoors?
There is a call from top-down officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and The American Academy of Pediatrics, saying that schools should utilize the outdoors as much as possible when returning to in-person learning. Not only does outdoor learning improve safety for students, teachers, and school communities, but outdoor instruction is proven to help close the learning gaps that COVID has exacerbated.

Teaching outdoors improves safety
Spending time outdoors is proven to drastically decrease the potential for transmission, but few schools have the resources or bandwidth to spend all day outdoors. Fortunately, getting students outside for even a portion of
the day can help improve indoor conditions by allowing indoor air more time to ventilate, and giving particles time to settle on cleanable surfaces, reducing the overall indoor viral load.

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