HundrEd Global Collection: 2021

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2020 has seen the largest ever impact on education globally. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adopt and adapt new ways of teaching and learning at a speed like never before. Sadly, we know the pandemic has also surfaced and exacerbated existing inequities that will have consequences we are only just beginning to understand. For example, skills that require face to face spontaneous interaction like cooperation, collaboration, and empathy are more challenging to replicate with home learning or social distancing restrictions. On the other hand, this crisis
has yielded some silver linings, like the potential to form deeper bonds between educators, parents, and students.

In these times, we especially need cooperation and collaboration across multiple levels for lasting change in education. Since 2016, HundrED has discovered that the world is already full of impactful and scalable innovations. Unfortunately, most educators in the world do not know about the best ones to learn from outside of their local area. We aim to change this through our Global Collection each year.

HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our 4th Collection, the goal is to inspire a grassroots movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world.
To make this year’s Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations was reviewed by 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders and leaders from over 50 countries. In total, there were 3404 reviews by the Academy based on their impact and scalability that were then evaluated by HundrED’s Research Team to make the final collection.

This year, our previous readers may notice we decided to separate our usual HundrED Yearbook into two reports: (a) this Impact 2020 report focusing on what we’ve done this year and where we are going in 2021, and (b) a dedicated report for our Global Collection 2021. Both of these reports can be downloaded freely at We hope that this separation will provide some clarity around these two purposes and make it easier to access their contents. In this Global Collection 2021 report, we first give an overview of the process we used to select this year’s Collection. A short overview of each selected innovation follows. You can find more in-depth details on each by viewing their full innovation page on our website at We are sure you’ll be inspired by the amazing innovations highlighted in the following pages as we are!

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